Monday, April 16, 2012

The Fall of A Star

Whitney Houston
Cover of Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston's death was caused by drowning and heart issues related to the presence of cocaine in her system.  Though the official report has since been released, the coroner ruled that the death was accidental.  Many of us view her as yet another victim of powerlessness.  Since losing this popular icon in the music industry, millions around the globe have been touched by the gravity of her addictions, and her inability to get and/or accept help.  To some, this may seem like another stereotypical drug-related death of a star.  To countless others, it is sheer heartbreak to watch a kind and talented person lose her life to a problem that has a solution.  It takes a great amount of pain and humility to sober up.  The difficult journey to sobriety is surely worth it.  One individual’s recovery can influence others, and bring hope to still suffering addicts.  He or she can spread the message: there is a solution.

The fight against addiction is powerful, and the gains, if any, are painstakingly made.  The greatest goal is that, in the end, the person in recovery may live once again and, by being an example, others will not have to die in vain.

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  1. I am glad to find this blog. My son is currently in your program. You are doing good work at St. Christopher's. You're saving lives and entire families. I'm glad we found your program.


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