Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Testimonial of Recovery

AA meeting sign
AA meeting sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hey guys! Just wanted to let all of you know I made 4 years clean and sober today! St. Christopher's has been monumental in my getting and continuing to stay sober. St. Christopher's introduced me to the wonderful world of Alcoholics Anonymous and I have been very active since day one. I am probably more active now than ever through sponsorship, home groups and hosting Lascypaa Baton Rouge 2012!! Thanks again, just tooting my own horn! TooT!
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  1. JM:

    Congratulations on four years and thank you for sharing your hope with us. The 12 step program really does work if you work it. Miracles are common place in the rooms of AA and Alanon. I'm glad St. Christophers was instrumental in helping you find a better way of living. More treatment programs need to study their model and focus on long term treatment. They are doing good work in Baton Rouge. I'm glad today is a good day for you.

  2. Congratulations...four is a magical number.


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