Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years

New years

The holidays around St. Christopher’s are rather light in comparison to our normal day to day goings on, which, at times, can be rather intense. This year, we arranged something special for all of our dedicated and new readers. We asked our clients to share what they hope to accomplish in the coming year.  Some of the guys wrote down their wishes for 2013, now that they are living a healthy, sober lifestyle.  Please read what they shared:
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“I would like to learn more about the way my mind works and to learn how to develop better, more meaningful relationships with myself and others”

“Peace with myself”

“Family Serenity”

“I want to be the fun joker that I was, but now without drugs”

“To have a relationship with my wife and family that I have never had while using”

“To have a new approach and outlook on education and college.”

“I want to have a better, more constructive relationship with my parents and brother.”

“Get to know my Grandparents before they pass away”

“A relationship with a woman that I don’t screw up due to selfish intentions.”

“To build a solid foundation for my future.”

Please note that, due to HIPAA restrictions, these quotes do not have any identifying information regarding by whom they were written.

~ Happy New Year!!

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