Friday, April 25, 2014

Preparing for the future with the SAGE program

The SAGE program at St. Christopher’s was created to help people in recovery get back into school and develop a formula for success. It is easy to assume that if you take away the drugs and alcohol from the addict that they will inherently do better in school. This is not always the case. For a lot of students in recovery, school is extremely difficult and stressful especially since healthy routine and study habits were not acclimated into their routine while they were using. Oftentimes school can be a distraction from working a healthy program of recovery.
The SAGE program helps to deter these stresses by working directly with the client and developing a comprehensive schedule that allows the time to balance both recovery and school. The client meets with a SAGE adviser once a week to discuss their progress, set up their schedule, and develop a strategy for the upcoming week. The client is also required to develop a formula to calculate how many study hours will need to be allotted to each class. All SAGE clients are required to meet with each other once a week to share about their successes and struggles in school as well. The SAGE Program gives addicts the tools to use school as a means to strengthen their recovery as opposed to distracting them from it. A client who enters the SAGE program and is successful will be able to demonstrate the ability to manage a balanced schedule, develop healthy study habits, maintain a good GPA, and be on a tract for a successful post graduate career, all while working a program of recovery.

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