About St. Christopher's

St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center was founded in 1998 to provide a range of high quality addiction treatment services at an affordable price.  We are a nationally-referred to and recognized program, one that feels privileged to offer hope to fellow addicts, alcoholics and family members that it is possible to find a new life in recovery.  There is a solution.  

St. Christopher’s treats addiction as an illness of the mind, body and spirit.  Our programming focuses on building the client’s emotional, physical and spiritual foundation through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and various therapies, including individual, group, cognitive-behavioral, emotive and intensive family work/therapy.  We require that our clients attend many 12 Step meetings each week while teaching them to apply this design for living in their daily lives.  Shame often accompanies addiction, can perpetuate addictive behaviors and cause negative self image.  We work with our clients in a non-condemning manner to help them be accountable and regain dignity as sober members of the community. 
All of our programming is based on the disease model of chemical dependency.  This model views addiction as a pathological process outside of the addicted person’s control, much like an untreated malignant tumor.  Untreated addiction can progress at an alarming rate in terms of how much the person uses, how often, what he is willing to risk in order to continue his use, consequences of using and the increased hurt and anxiety the addict’s family and loves ones experience.  The emotional devastation to the addict and family, the depths of spiritual bankruptcy and the heightened level of denial involved make chemical dependency addiction different from other diseases.  Though the disease model endorses personal powerlessness over mood-altering chemicals, it does not reduce the chemically dependent person’s responsibility to accept help and do the work necessary to find and maintain recovery.  

Family involvement is extremely important in the treatment process.  Recovery is about all family members getting well and healing.  At St. Christopher’s, this is possible.  Our Family Programming provides counseling, support and education throughout the client’s course of treatment. There is hope.

For more information about our program please visit our website at http://www.addictionwellness.com/

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